Reach for the Sky

Having just returned from a three-week trip to Europe, where I saw construction almost everywhere I looked, I took a walk to check up on many of the building projects that are going on here in Redwood City. Given the number of buildings reaching skyward right now, I thought this would be a good time to summarize most of the projects currently underway. I’ve started with the residential projects first, followed by the commercial ones. They are roughly in order of when they’ll be completed, from most complete to least. As you can see, the list is a long one. Together, they will drastically transform Redwood City’s downtown (and some of the surrounding area), hopefully for the better…

Township Luxury Apartments


This one has actually been completed, but I’m including it since it was one of the first projects I discussed when I started this blog, and because it was only completed a couple of months ago. Located at 333 Main St. (behind the In ‘n Out Burger), its 132 apartments are 75% leased. Floor plans, pricing, and leasing info can be found here.

201 Marshall


You can’t miss this building (get a load of that color!) being erected on Broadway where it crosses the train tracks. As you can see from the above picture, the building is nearly complete. Work continues on the interior and on the surrounding sidewalk. It has actually been leasing for a couple of months now (the leasing office is in the Fox Theater building) and should be ready for occupancy very soon. This building has 116 apartments: studios run from $2510 to $2800 per month, and two-bedroom apartments range from $3755 to a whopping $4790 per month (there is only one unit available at that high-end price; it is a 1271 square-foot apartment).

Floor plans, pricing, and leasing info can be found here.

The Lane on the Boulevard


Formerly Mel’s Bowl, this complex is made up of 3 and 4 story buildings that contain a total of 141 apartments. Although it is making good progress and should be opening fairly soon, it does not appear to be leasing yet. Some additional info can be found here.

The Radius Apartment


“The Radius Apartment” is the fancy name for the large 5½ story buildings going up on Veterans Blvd., near Whipple, where Redwood City Dodge was once located. Together the two buildings contain 264 apartments ranging from 630 square feet (one bedroom; $2875 per month) to 1083 square feet (two bedrooms, $3750 per month). Theoretically, people will be moving in this spring. Although leasing has begun, you have to have an appointment; there doesn’t yet seem to be a walk-in leasing office. Check this one out at

Elan Redwood City


This huge six-story building is going up behind Chain Reaction Bicycles (or behind the Redwood City Main Library, depending upon your point of view), at 140 Monroe. It is still in the framing stage and appears to have quite a ways to go. The builder is aiming to complete this project sometime in 2015, which will add 304 apartments to Redwood City’s housing market. There is no website for this project as yet.

Main & Marshall


It may not look like much from the above picture—at this stage it’s just a large L-shaped hole in the ground—but from this hole will rise an 8-story building containing 196 apartments. Digging is nearly complete, but this project has a long way to go: it won’t be done until early 2016. As the name implies, this one is indeed located right on the corner of Main and Marshall. It is too early for any leasing information or even a full website, but there is a rendering on the Resmark website.



Located at 525 Middlefield (across Middlefield from the county buildings) this is our largest single development to date in terms of number of units. Consisting of three 10-story towers, in total this complex will contain a whopping 471 apartments along with its share of retail space at street level. When completed the project should look something like this:



As you can see, the block has been cleared and digging has begun (it won’t occupy quite all of the block: the doughnut shop out on Veterans—which is out of the left frame of the above picture—will remain).

The Palacio


The triangular dirt lot in the above picture is theoretically going to be the new home of “The Palacio,” a 5-story, 133-unit apartment complex. I say “theoretically” since although the lot has had construction fencing for quite some time now, there have been no further signs of activity. Perhaps they are just waiting for permits or financing or something. The city website shows this one as “under construction.” We’ll see if it moves forward…



Very near to The Palacio is a much smaller development. At the corner of Brewster and Warren there is an L-shaped lot surrounding the “Brewster Warren Building”. Recently construction fences and signage went up for a project that will produce 18 single-family detached homes (ranging in size from 1585-2056 square feet). These will be 3-4 bedroom, 2½-3½ bath homes. Unlike most of the housing going up in Redwood City right now, these won’t be rentals but will actually be for sale. Want to know more? Keep an eye on their website at

One Marina


Although the bulk of this development was completed some time ago, the final phase is under construction and will add 38 more units, for a total of 231 condos out past the Boardwalk Auto dealerships (on the way to Pete’s Harbor). One Marina presumably got its name partly because the developer was supposed to include an actual marina in the project. It appears that the developer is finally making good on that promise; I’ll do some further investigating and report back in a later post, but it does appear that work is going on just past the One Marina buildings to put in an actual marina.

Pete’s Harbor


(The above picture is a view of Pete’s Harbor from across the water) Not much is going on at Pete’s Harbor right now, but that will change very soon. Redwood City has given its approval to the project which will see 411 apartments built (although they will be rented out as apartments, they are going to be built to condominium standards allowing them to someday be turned into condos). The builder has applied for a grading and drainage permit, so very soon now heavy equipment will begin reshaping the space and preparing it for foundations. No ETA on when this one will be done.

2808 El Camino Real

I haven’t mentioned this one before because it is new; the construction fences went up while I was out of the country. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, but this property is on El Camino near the Redwood City border. It is best known for the two run-down buildings that have been on the site: the one on the corner, where El Camino meets Oakwood Drive, is where Jackson Square Fine Jewelers used to be (they seem to have moved one block down El Camino), and next to it was the building where Little Copenhagen once was (although the aging sign and building still remain, they moved to Woodside Plaza years ago, and recently just closed in anticipation of a move—to San Mateo, across from the Crystal Springs shopping center on Polhemus—and a renaming, to “Scandia”). In any case, the buildings will be torn down very soon now. In their place will arise a building containing 45 assisted living units.

24 Hour Fitness


The 24 Hour Fitness building being built adjacent to the main post office on Broadway at Woodside Rd. is going up ever so slowly. For some reason the parking lot is pretty much complete except for final paving, while the building’s foundations have yet to be completed. But work continues, and a “coming soon” sign has gone up at the driveway entrance, so someday we’ll be able to work out there.

Crossing 900


You can’t miss the progress on this one; the two huge construction cranes dominate our skyline these days. Ultimately there will be two huge 8-story buildings here (and a lower parking garage along the tracks, it appears, to augment the multi-level underground parking garage below the entire complex). As I’ve noted before, you can keep close tabs on this project by watching their live webcams; the best one can be found here.

Maple Street Correctional Center

(On Maple Street, of course, directly across from the police station.) Not much to report here. This one is also proceeding very slowly (but it is indeed proceeding). They are still working on the foundations at this time.

2114-2116 Broadway


This building (what’s left of it!) was built in 1917 and apparently once housed the Sequoia Theatre, Redwood City’s first theater. It is probably best known as the site of Spanky’s Night Club, a once popular spot that seemed to require frequent visits from the Redwood City police department. It has been sitting empty for the last ten years, and is finally being remodeled into a two-story building with retail on the ground floor and office space on the second floor. To see renderings of the new building, check out the Kastrop Group’s “On the Boards” page.

One Marina Hotel


This is an interesting project. It seems that after the One Marina project is complete and the units have all been sold, this piece of property between 101 and the One Marina condos (where the sales center currently resides) will be developed as a 5-story, 117-room hotel.

Harbor View Place

I’m only including this one on the list because it’s a big one: this is the office complex that will likely rise from the ashes of the former Malibu Grand Prix. The project has yet to be approved—hopefully, approval won’t come until the Inner Harbor Task Force, who is developing a recommendation for the entire area east of 101 from Docktown to Woodside Road, officially provides its results to the City Council. But the developer has already demolished the miniature golf course that was once there, and seems to be doing a bit of additional cleanup and grading on the property while waiting for approval. The developer hopes to put in 1 million square feet of office space spread over three 10-story towers. If you haven’t seen the developer’s proposal yet, check it out here.


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