Group Walk Information

On Saturday, May 7, starting at 10:00 a.m., I will be taking a walk through the Inner Harbor area and out to Bair Island. I will begin at the corner of Veterans Boulevard and Maple Street, on the K-Mart corner. Everyone is welcome to join me! No RSVP necessary; just be at the appointed place at the appointed time.

In that area, the closest public parking is on Veterans Boulevard, as well as on Oddstad Drive.

In total, the walk will be about 3.5 miles and should take from 90 minutes to 2 hours depending upon how much we stop and talk. However, you are welcome to leave the walk at any time. In particular, you can omit the walk out to the Bair Island viewing platform, which is about 0.8 miles (round trip). Or, you can arrange for someone to pick you up at the parking lot across from the bridge to Bair Island (just before Pete’s Harbor), cutting the walk in half.

Dogs are OK with me, with the following caveats: they should be on a leash, and they need to be well-behaved around strangers. Also, note that dogs are not allowed on Bair Island itself, so you’ll have to turn around at the gate.

There are public restrooms near the bridge to Bair Island. I believe that there is a public water fountain there as well, but if you think you’ll need it you should probably just bring your own water.

My plan is to lead the group up and over Maple, through Docktown, over the bridge to our new hotel, and then out to the Bair Island entrance by Pete’s Harbor. I’ll provide some commentary along the way, on the following:

  • Options for crossing 101 on foot
  • Harbor View place (a proposed 1.3 million square foot development on the old Malibu Grand Prix site)
  • Maple Street Correctional Center
  • Inner Harbor plans (including the Blomquist Street extension)
  • Docktown
  • Highway 101 pedestrian/bicycle undercrossing
  • One Marina hotel
  • Blu Harbor (formerly Pete’s Harbor)

Everyone is welcome! Bring friends if you like. Assuming that this walk goes well, I’ll likely do others in the upcoming months, so if you can’t make this one, there should be other opportunities.